Rebekah’s Tape 1998-2009

During junior year of high school, my tiny group of best friends who I had been recording, making art, and making silly videos with formed a band out of the lineup of a specific recording we made for a friend named Rebekah. Knowing we made & self-released a lot of recordings on tape, she gave us a tape and asked us to fill it up. While filling it up, we came up with some pieces that were repeatable in a live setting, so we decided to set up a show and perform. Over these 11 years we played about 120 shows at little venues, VFW / K of C / etc. halls, and a handful of bars all over Illinois but mostly stayed around the La Salle / Peru area, usually performing with a rotating cast of other local bands. We had some amazing times performing alongside and hanging out with some incredibly talented and beautiful people. The years between 2000 – 2004 were especially remarkable, when our tight-knit little d.i.y. L-P scene was alight with many local shows and explosively joyful after-parties. Rebekah’s Tape was (most of the time) a scrappy, raw, noisy, spacy, psychedelic and loud-as-hell sort of band, influenced heavily by 80s/90s indie rock and experimental music including The Flaming Lips, Sebadoh, My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders, Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Cheer-Accident, and Pell Mell.

The full discography is available for streaming / download at the bandcamp page.