Directives (2016-present):

A multimedia project centered on a character creating and performing music of varied sources (guitars included 99%) and fidelities. Directives are to explore the integration / juxtaposition of crisp-clean digital and degraded analog audio through constructions of various types of musical time-spans.

Dog Hallucination (2004-present -on hold):

A multimedia project centered on a dichotomy of two characters in collaboration, often producing music psychedelic and organic in its flavor.

Amalgamated (2004-present):

A group project with some talented friends from Gushing Cloud, Homogenized Terrestrials, and Headless Ballerinas Underwater.

Rebekah’s Tape (1998-2009):

A band formed with close friends while in high school which resulted in a wonderful collection of creations, connections and experiences spanning 11+ years.

MAKESHIFT Music, etc. (1996-2001):

Various home-recorded music / experiments carried out mostly alone, sometimes with collaborators, during high school times and shortly thereafter.